Emilio Modeste

Jazz Saxophonist

At Sista's Place with Rene McLean

Three weeks ago, I played at Sista's Place, an establishment in Brooklyn with a strong understanding and awareness of Black and African culture. At Sista's Place, I was welcomed on stage to play with Mr. Rene McLean, the renowned multi-instrumentalist and son of Jackie McLean. I went to Sista's Place joining Kojo Roney and Antoine Roney (Kojo was the drummer on the gig). On bass was Dezron Douglas, Neil Clark on African percussion, and Davis Whitfield on piano. Antoine Roney, an established musician and a mentor of mine who has made me a more intelligent musician and thinker, also played soprano at the gig.

Rene McLean

Rene McLean

I joined the band, along with Jovan Alexandre and Jordan Young, for the second set. We played two songs, with extended solos. The audience's presence was felt (to say the least!), and the energy was great in the club. It was an honor being on the same stage as Mr. McLean, and I look forward to learning from him in the future....

Background Photo by Adrien Tillmann

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